Tinkerbell sisters name. After so many mistakes the other fairies began to think that she had lost her talent including Terence and Queen Clarion.

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They, along with Tink's friends and the Ministers, arrive at the stream and find Clank and Bobble attempting to free it.

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She is very much like Vidiawho despises Tinkerbell at first and is always looking on the dark side of things but learns to value friendship.

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They try everything they can to save the tree.

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The film was directed by Peggy Holmesand co-directed by Bobs Gannaway.

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They have a fight about what they should do, Tink went to find a bottle and Iridessa went after her.

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Meanwhile, the trapped snow-maker begins to freeze the Autumn Woods.

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As their romance grew stronger, they disregarded the dangers across the border.

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She tends to blame things on other people when she's frustrated, even if it is her fault.

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While there she met Lizzy Griffithsa lonely nine-year-old human girl.

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After a while, Spike realizes that the tree is too big for three of them to finish in time.

Secret of the Wings Soundtrack.

She's suspicious of Tinkerbell at first and reluctant to join the others in welcoming her to the Winter Woods.