Sex positions for overweight couples. Especially for the ladies, since this position allows for front wall stimulation — upping the chance you'll hit her G-spot.

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Olliver says that doing it this way comes with a few key advantages for your lady.

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Cunnilingusoral stimulation of the vulvais another option.

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Plop a couple of pillows under his butt to raise his hips for a better angle.

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But Matt, 26, says that a modified version of the starfish has been his go-to way of pleasing his woman.

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The answer?

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The partner in the back penetrates the partner in the front.

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While you probably already know how to perform doggystyle with your man, let me quickly go over it.

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To make it worse, he has a small penis.

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This position provides a lot of space for both the partners to move around freely besides providing excellent stimulation of the clitoris.

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