Sex on sims 3. Added tuning file entries to specify the chance of pregnancy for Risky Sex and Try For Baby interactions.

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While they are WooHooing, you will see little confetti like hearts animation appear over where the Sims were having sex.

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After the release of the Cats and Dogs expansion, The Sims 4 was updated to include a way to make objects tiny.

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Woohoo seems horrible.

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Over on the Hall of Torque forum, Kicker has created interactions to play the many, many sex animations made by Whosthewhat plus several other animators.

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Thanks Libertyvision and vladok!

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Thanks Libertyvision and vladok!

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Uninstalling Like other script mods which add interactions, you must make sure none of your saved games have sims in silpa sethi hot middle of an interaction before removing the mod.

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Percentage chance for pregnancy during Risky Sex interactions.

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They can only have babies with members of the opposite sex, unless you have a specific Sims 3 mod that will override that.