Not so skinny nude women. That my efforts scream vanity and attention-seeker?

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Case-in-point, year-old Jessa O'Brien's recent post on her popular blog, "The Nude Blogger," that's about the body-shaming she has endured as a thin person.

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On the other hand… I frequently have people around me blatantly state, "You're so skinny".

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The nudist community, such a good place to be, natural and healthy way of life and living.

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Make sure to check online ahead of time, so area hot springs do not allow nudity, or only allow it at certain times.

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What I mean by that is that there was nothing that made me stand out because everybody was perfectly different and unique!

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Having said this, yes it is body shaming and yes it can or does effect us as well.

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The curves that enhance your stature.

O'Brien thinks that people feel it's okay to say negative comments about skinny people because of namely the media, the fashion industry and the pornography industry labeling skinny as desirable.

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