Naruto fucks hanabi. Just cum inside me when I tell you too, and pull out when I tell you to.

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As soon as the digit presses into her, Hanabi feels electric pleasure rip through her body, and screeches to the ceiling.

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Hinata y Hanabi tocandose.

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Her slightly larger than average, grape 1 sized nipple had swollen to the size of a large strawberry, and it was quite painful.

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His cock tickled the back of her throat as he began filling her mouth with his seed.

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Hanabi sighed and had Naruto get off her letting his cock slide out of her pussy.

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However to his surprise instead of having to ease into the girl like lady with big eyes first thought, his cock was swallowed as the sexual abilities of monster energy forced the girl's pussy to painlessly stretch and let him get his entire cock into her, which caused a noticeable bulge to form along her stomach from the unnatural amount cock she had been able to take.

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Yet look where you find me.

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It was a different matter entirely when she thought of her father.

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Hinata, still in a daze, can only nod dumbly.