Like my nude body. Why not be that catalyst, if you can?

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His touch covered my entire body, preventing me from embracing a sexuality that was once came so naturally to me.

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However, choosing to exercise ownership of your sexuality, or to be sexy and partially nude in public spaces without having to answer to anyone else, isn't the same thing.

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She also sets a great example daily in the way she empowers naughty mother videos through motherhood, as well as by becoming an independent and powerful businesswoman in a male-dominated media scheme.

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None of these things are more or less important than the others, nor are they up for debate.

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Giving the Middle Finger to Body-Shamers I do experience body-shaming, but I'm also white and cisgender, and I know that because of that, I escape a lot of hate.

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Like Kim K, I love showing off my nude form.

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LOL Anonymous on July 31,

Once people started flagging some of my pictures, I was sent the email saying that they were censoring me as an artist.

The idea that some guys are so narcissistic that they think we're all posting these photos for their attention just blows my fucking mind.