Electric bikini shaver. This all-in-one grooming kit for ladies is a must-have for those who are tired of dealing with unwanted hair on their body.

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The ESPC uses four heads that allow it to contour to the body, so no hair is left untrimmed.

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You could say "eff it" and go au natural, of course.

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The most die-hard fans talk about stockpiling these, and even call them confidence boosters.

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It really is a one-stop shop for hair removal.

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A great epilating, shaving trimming and styling kit.

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Ideal for daily maintenance or even emergency hair removal moments, this personal life-saver is capable of getting rid of unwanted hair in a matter of seconds.

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The handle is non-slip and the razor is hypoallergenic.

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Although the trimmer is waterproof, if water gets into the battery compartment, it can break the device.

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To start, you should pull your skin taut and never go against the grain.

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The trimmer attachment allows for adjustable trimming lengths, which gives the user a number of options for length of hair.

You could still do detailed styled shapes with the Panasonic ESPC if you had some pubic hair shaping stencils.